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Set mode on your wireless card driver (Open Suse)

January 3, 2011

During the past two day I was experimenting with my network interfaces on my Open Suse mashine. There are so many things that you can do. Maybe the most interesting is using aircrack-ng program for cracking WEP keys. Before you start with advanced things you need to learn about what you can do with some very usfull commands such as iwconfig. Type iwconfig –help for more information. It is much better explained than some curious programmer can do  blogging about it. But curious programmer can blog about some common problems using this command.

So what is the problem? For example, you want to changed mode on your wireless card (short explanation about modes can be also found with iwconfig –help ). You fire up command:

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

And you get very confusing output.

Error for wireless request :
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Device or resource busy.

So what is going on? It is your Network Manager applet which controls all settings about your network interfaces. You need to turn of it. To be sure about that, cause maybe the reason for this output can be some drivers failures, run this command.

ifup wlan0

And output is:

Network interface is managed by the NetworkManager -> skipping

To disable Network Manager controlling your network interfaces go to Yast -> Network Settings . In Global Option tab check Network Set Up Method to be Traditional method with ifup and click ok. Network Manager will be disappear from your toolbar. Try again:

ifup wlan0

And you should get something like this (this output is for my wireless card)

wlan0 name: BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN

Finally, change mode on your wireless card. But you need to stop interface.

ifconfig wlan0 down

And change mode.

ifconfig wlan0 down

Start your interface and type to iwconfig to ensure that mode is set.

ifconfig wlan0 up


And you can see that mode is set to monitor.


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