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Configuring JBoos 5 AS in Eclipse Ganymade

May 7, 2009

JBoss is popular apllication server which enable you to developer various web app with EJB background. In this post(my first post) I’ll explain a basic configuration of JBoss in Eclipse IDE.

1. step

Download Eclipse for JEE developer and extract archive in some folder.

2. step

Start Eclipse and go to Help/Software Updates to install JBoos tools for Eclipse.

Update site :

3. step

Download JBoss5 AS from here. Installation is very simple. Just extract archive in some directory.

4. step

After 3 steps, You have to conect your JBoss AS installation with Eclipse. Go to Server tab, right click and click New. Select JBoss5 from list of servers and click next. In next step create JBoss Runtime Enviroment by setting home directory of Your Jboss AS installation. Select deafult configuration and click finish.

That’s it. Short and simple for my first post.


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